We have a skilled and experienced team of SAP professionals with deep domain knowledge in life sciences, pharmaceutical, healthcare, engineering and services industry. Over the years, we have successfully executed various SAP implementation and rolled out several projects.

We work closely with the stakeholders and decision makers of the organization to ensure that the SAP Hybris & Commerce implementation project is concluded successfully. Our custom software application development service addresses our clients’ key strategic business goals.

We optimize development lifecycles by offering dedicated developers with specialized technology and industry expertise.

Custom Application Development

End to end services model: Need identification, solution customization, and provision of expert app developers, development, testing, deployment, and support.

Technologies’ expertise: Customized app services for the web, mobile, desktop, hybrid, firmware, and anything else that your business requires.

Predetermined frameworks: Including Lean, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Agile, .NET, iOS and Android frameworks, BI, BizTalk, Share Point, and much more.

Extensive project management support: Including milestones and reviews through the project cycle.

Focused Quality: QA and testing services through the project life cycle.

Customer focus: Customization of all services to your requirements focused on what works best for your business.

Application Modernization & Migration

We partner with you to ensure that this migration results in minimum service or operational disruptions and no loss of business critical data.

We have included re-engineering of software to migrate applications to three-tier web or cloud based architectures from existing applications to other OS or to upgrade backend databases.

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Our Digital Transformation framework is focused towards aligning the mobility solutions for enterprise goals and ROI.

We help customers define their Digital Strategy, work with end users for defining UX and User Acquisition process and deliver continuously.

Our Agile-based continuous delivery process ensures real-time feedback from the end users regularly.

Implement proven processes like Usability Engineering, Content Strategy, Information Architecture and Interface Design.

DevOps – Customized Solutions

Our DevOps services has been developed to create such a culture / approach which may foster collaboration and Integration between Development & Operation teams.

Integrate communication, collaboration and automation in order to improve the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals.

Quality Assessment of current process and project requirements.

Identifying right combination of tools and implementing DevOps delivery pipelined. Identifying right combination of tools and implementing DevOps delivery pipeline.

We got expertise in customized DevOps solution & consulting services which includes customized DevOps dashboards for better and effective collaboration along with customized DevOps delivery pipeline.

Our delivery techniques reduce the distance between strategy and execution through iteration, tightly-coupled interdisciplinary collaboration, and design thinking. Using a phased model, we integrate emerging trends with your customers’ needs, aspirations and journeys. This work informs touchpoints, offerings, and the underlying organizational capabilities you need to compete through a winning experience.

Customer Strategy

Defines the range of prospective and current customers based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, their respective value and initiatives to grow engagement.

Experience Strategy

Defines the path to a future state of offerings and touch-points, delivered through an integrated, customer-led approach connecting patterns in customer needs, aspirations and journeys to how and what a brand delivers.

Engagement Economics

Quantifies in customer and business terms the value of transformed customer journeys, explicitly defining moments that matter to both customers and the business.

Digital Product Innovation

Defines a viable path to bring a product or service opportunity to market through an entrepreneurial approach using rapid prototyping and customer testing, proposition development, and the creation of irresistible products.

Digital Products and Systems Design

Designing specific touch-points — mobile apps, websites and more — as well as the content, commerce, data and CRM systems that power them.

Service Design

Designing a connected service journey, delivered across touch-points end to end, from front stage (what customers see) to back stage (the organization, business process, and supporting tools)

Cognitive Experiences

Designing data-driven customer experiences based on artificial intelligence, emergent technology, and instrumented intelligence.

Connected Environments

Blending digital considerations seamlessly with physical ones by leveraging teams and emerging experiences, built to address the critical range of perspectives required from digital to architecture.

We are committed to helping our clients acquire lifelong customers through irresistible experiences, over single touchpoint enhancements. We believe measurable solutions help our clients sustain a business advantage by enabling them to keep a pulse on new opportunities.

At ProCustomerX, we work with B2B and B2C business, marketing and technology leaders across all sectors to transform their businesses through the design, execution and management of effective, smart commerce solutions. We help them attain their business objectives through strategies that reinvent and digitize their commerce and retail channels to drive revenue and efficiencies through:

Commerce Strategy

Defines the workshop and assessment and omni-channel strategy development.

Commerce Execution

UX and Content Design for Commerce.

E-Commerce, CMS, Platform Implementations, Including SAP Hybris Commerce.

Commerce Management

Commerce Conversion Optimization

Commerce Traffic Generation

Commerce Managed Services

Organizational Design and Change Management

SAP environment needs continuous alignment to take care of your changing business requirements. This enables SAP to sustain your business by driving continuous improvements. ProCustomerX, as an SAP Partner, has been providing cost effective and cutting-edge SAP implementation, integration, application maintenance, development, and consulting services for over 10 years to several Fortune 500 companies across industries.

ProCustomerX’s SAP Center of Excellence (CoE) has a large team of technical and functional consultants with extensive experience in delivering flexible and collaborative solutions.

Our SAP CoE works with you

Implement SAP and provide continuous support services.

Resolve your critical pain points, which are not addressed by your existing SAP implementation.

Enable your business to utilize SAP to its full potential by suggesting industry standard best practices.

Our CoE helps you derive maximum business returns from your SAP investment by

Optimizing business processes thoroughly.

Optimizing user competencies and business processes fulfilment by employees.

Supporting continuous coherence and integration of functionality and data in all your business processes.