Hybris Optimized Hosting

Our Hybris Optimized Hosting ensures your Hybris web store delivers superior performance and reliability on private or public clouds like AWS and GCP. Hybris Application Managed Services offers expertise and support for your platform anywhere in the world.

Security & Monitoring: Provides different areas of security solutions and monitoring services whether it is performance based, utilization, peripheral detection, security, access or other solutions based on the customer’s request.

Infrastructure & Rollout: Provides different infrastructure and rollout services, from consulting to building up your IT foundation, in an assured, scalable, optimized, and tailored approach by using methodologies from waterfall to SCRUM to manage your solution.

Hosting & Support: Provides our clients with stable and highly-available applications through our web hosting service. Customers and development partners can rely on immediate and continuous support in any case for all types of systems.

Cloud Engineering: Cloud computing brings agility in enterprise IT solutions. Companies get on-demand delivery of IT resources and applications via the Internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Automated Monitoring

Our talented team has invaluable experience in handling large Multi-DC Site Operations and Monitoring. From our experience we understand infrastructure monitoring needs better and can design customized dashboards or solutions to monitor complete infrastructure as per customer requirements.

eProSoft provides 24*7 Operations & Monitoring at multiple levels:

Infrastructure Monitoring: Enables you to monitor performance and availability of your system so that required action can be taken to maintain high uptimes and reliability. Provides an indispensable support to various physical and virtual resources and components occupied by a working environment.

System Monitoring: Ensures that the system does not run out of various resources like CPU, Memory, Disk Usage etc.; and helps you to monitor these resources and establish the performance metrics of the system.

Server Monitoring: Helps in monitoring server's system resources like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, I/O, Network, Disk Usage, Process etc.; which can help you better your capacity planning and provide a better end-user experience.

Network Monitoring: SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) Network Monitoring to monitor network devices like firewalls, routers, UPS, Printers, Operating Systems, Application servers, Web Services, DNS and so on, can communicate with the SNMP protocol.

Transactional Monitoring: Helps you monitor, diagnose, notify and get detailed report of your websites online services and ensures that your website has better response time and good transactional user experience.

Functional Monitoring: Aims at the assessment of operation or the use cases of the application. It ensures that the purpose of the application is fulfilled without any malfunctioning.

24*7 Site Operations: Aims at operations and maintenance tasks for a site efficient management of Servers, Java Virtual Machines (JVM), Operating Systems, Databases, Clusters, Networks, and Firewall etc.

Database Monitoring: Monitors the performance of databases and provides extensive information so that necessary steps can be taken before a breakdown of vital business processes occurs.

Cluster Monitoring: With the growing need of clusters to offer reliable and fast performance, the need for its monitoring comes handy. Monitors the consistency, status, health etc. of various nodes of a cluster or a combination of clusters.

24/7 Online Ticketing System

Our 24/7 Ticketing System service lets you track various consumer issues, underline and resolve pain areas of consumers, respond to their needs and also lets you process feedback. Let HappyFox make your retail operations completely hassle-free and seamless.

Collect and process customer feedback.

Manage enquiries and return/repair/refund requests.

Manage supplier/merchant communications.

WiKi know how on exchange policy and damage reconciliation.

Manage customer communications with inline purchase history visibility.

On-call duty IT service: 24/7 service

To guarantee this uninterrupted activity, NBS System offers you a 24h per day, 7 days a week on-call duty service, public holidays included.

With the 24/7 on-call duty service, benefit from an incident management (outside application) during non-working hours and days, to put your website or application back online quickly. It also enables you to plan maintenances outside working hours.

Gives you access, at any time, to our night team, to resolve potential incidents or to make planned maintenances.


Keeping in mind the scope and the time-lines, one might be tempted to take an approach where quick but shallow deployments can be achieved.

ProCustomerX recommends and implements an approach where the project deliverables would be in line with the Best Practice methodology and calls for a tighter implementation plan and a higher level of discipline within the project team.

We can derive a game-plan for all your SAP efforts which can be a game-changer for the way you do business.

You need a methodology & strategy that can deliver the results you want and also be flexible so you can respond to the fast pace of change in the business environment.

Optimization & Innovation

Optimize IT operations, and innovate business processes faster to become a best-run business.

Plan, manage, and deliver implementation projects quickly and easily.

Simplify modifications and upgrades, including testing.

Take advantage of industry-specific functional- by integrating with third-party solutions.

We have a well-developed capability to help you formulate business-driven SAP strategy that is solid and nimble.


We keep an eye on the alignment of our solution with the business strategy and ensure proactive identification and mitigation of risks.

Our role is to serve every client’s goals with clarity, consistency and honesty. In other words, we will adhere to the highest standards in our engagements.

Expertise in both technical and nontechnical aspects of the project, including architecture, infrastructure design, functionality design, quality assurance, migration and rollout plans.

We have the cutting-edge skills to execute the strategy and deliver the project for the outcomes you desire.

We have a well-developed capability to help you formulate business-driven SAP strategy that is solid and nimble.

We provide maintenance services as part of our Annual Maintenance contract. Under this contract we provide level based product maintenance support and an Annual Technical support through which we release all version updates to our customers. The Services are offered in three levels.

Level 1 - Platinum Service

In this level the customer is provided with a process expert in his premises who works as a resident consultant and is backed by a team from the ProCustomerX team.

Level 2 - Gold

The customer is provided with 24X7 remote customer services with a dedicated customer support number to address his concerns.

A Process consultant is assigned to the customer who also provides onsite support for a stipulated no. of visits.

Level 3 - Silver

The customer is provided with remote customer services during the office hours with a dedicated customer support number to address his concerns.

ProCustomerX team has in-depth knowledge on solutions and technology. Our customer support professionals provide you with:

Business solutions and technology maintenance.

Workflow maintenance.

Content server maintenance.

Up-to-date service and installation information on new releases.

Train on the latest ProCustomerX platform.

Answers to questions on current software versions.

We deliver requisite IT Services using our innovative and optimal HYBRID (On Site, Near Shore/ Off Site and Off Shore) Delivery model that will deliver the scoped IT services for clients at dramatically lower cost, yet maintaining the desired SLA's. Our Integrated Centralized service help desk will become the single point of contact for issues. All issues will be addressed within the SLAs which would be agreed up on the due diligence phase of the project along with clear service catalog, categories and priority.

Support Methodology

Our service delivery model for SAP Customers are supported by a robust process and infrastructure framework.

We will implement & support word-class Best Practices, call on its Centers of Excellence, and use continual review and feedback from SAP Customers as the pillars of Service Delivery Excellence.

Manage changes in the IT environment.

Effectively manage budgets and resources.

Identify opportunities for both incremental and radical process improvements.

SLA Framework

Addresses all major and minor challenges in the support life cycle.

Establish service level management framework to ensure that for the SLAs committed.

Establish and implement SLA baseline.

Manage the ongoing change and periodically review the process.

Optimize IT operations and innovate business processes more quickly.

“Your one-stop partner for SAP Commerce Cloud Migration”

If your organization is looking for a partner, who can seamlessly and cost effectively migrate your enterprise online Hybris store from SAP data center or Amazon Web Services into Azure based SAP Commerce Cloud, don’t look further.

Introducing ProCustomerX Migration is powered by eProSoft, a SAP services partner, which will super-charge and accelerate your existing Hybris platform to the new SAP Commerce Cloud.

ProCustoerX delivers an integrated 360-degree cloudification approach that combines business, platform and application migration into Cloud. Migration is an art of looking for things that can go wrong and mitigate to have minimal or zero business impact (especially around peak shopping season).

We offer following key ingredients to make your migration, a painless journey with our partnership:

Understand and mitigate business risk

Discover and Evaluate your ecosystem

Understand existing SAP Platform, infrastructure in-and-out

Ability to quickly assess your application and custom extensions

Expertise in Azure platform. Know what can be done and cannot be done.

Integration with existing third-party system and remapping to new security environment on Azure

Specialize in eCommerce Quality Assurance

Process and proven methodology to execute the project.

Transition and train your DevOps team

Our SAP Commerce Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Assessment & Advisory Services

Application Portfolio Assessment

SAP Workload Assessment: Data management, archiving & ILM, harmonization needs

Application & Infrastructure Cloud Readiness Assessment

Target Cloud Platform Recommendation for SAP and Azure (SAP Cloud & Azure Cloud platform)

Cost benefit TCO & ROI Analysis

SAP Application & Infra Migration

Implement of SAP Cloud Migration Services

Lift and Shift of existing Business Suite and into Cloud, or migration of Business Suite on Azure

Alignment with SaaS and PaaS options for collaboration and extensions

Migration using SAP heterogeneous migration – Platform migration along with OS/DB change

SAP Homogeneous migration – Platform migration with same target OS/DB

Backup/restore, migration using storage replication technology,

Quality Control and Assurance

Cloud Migration Management Services

Pre-transition services to minimize risk of knowledge loss with predecessors.

Hybrid System Management: Interoperability, Availability, Accessibility, Release Management.

Release management of pending updates along with managing code freezes around business priorities

Process Reengineering and WebOps Training

Assess changes to any process around financials (payment gateways), catalog management, Warehouse impact, Customer Services Impact etc.

Transition to your DevOps Team on new onsets to manage and monitor your platform.

Setting up of end-to-end system monitoring with Azure monitor

Why ProCustomerX and eProSoft ?

We provide end-to-end capabilities that help enterprises with agility and speed to migrate to Cloud and raise the bottom line exponentially. We deliver value to our customers much beyond technical or application migrations.

End-to-end services encompassing advisory, implementation, migration and support

In-house automation platforms to accelerate time-to-market

Partnership with Microsoft – Strategic partnership between Hexaware and Microsoft for SAP on Azure services

Dedicated Microsoft Azure specialists providing technology advice alongside Hexaware experts

Extensive experience in executing large SAP transformation engagements

Dedicated SAP COE with 10+ years of industry experience

We guide you to address the most business-critical aspects of application migration:

Speed to value – Take advantage of our proven methodologies for rapid delivery of automated services, on-demand capacity and flexibility, and dramatically reduced procurement lead times.

Cost reduction – Benefit from consumption-based pricing, reduced or avoided capital expenditures, and shared allocation of management and operations.

Reliability and security – Protect your assets with multitenant and dedicated options, a secure and compliant solution, and a highly available, resilient, and redundant infrastructure.

Business agility – Up your business game with zero hardware-lifecycle management, SLAs that match the solution, and quick responsiveness to changing market realities.

The time is NOW! Plan your SAP move to the NEW Azure based SAP Commerce Cloud with eProSoft’s ProCustomerX